BOT Technology Cohort Summer 2020
Student Registration Information


Black Orlando Tech’s 8-week Technology Cohort trains students in marketable tech skills that organizations are looking for.

We are excited to kick off the Summer 2020 Technology Cohort the week of August 3, 2020. Check each course for specific classroom dates.


 Important Dates


BOT Spring 2020 Cohort

The Spring 2020 Cohort has ended


BOT Summer 2020 Cohort

Classes Begin: August 2020


BOT Fall 2020 Cohort



How it Works

  • Each Course is 8 weeks long
  • 1-hour virtual classroom with your course instructor(s) each week
  • Instructors engage with students in the class messaging group
  • Students receive instruction & homework each week
  • Instructors provide class slides, materials, and recorded meetings to students each week.


Introductory Courses

  • $100 paid upon registration
  • $60 refunded upon course completion

Intermediate Courses

  • $200 paid upon registration
  • $100 refunded upon course completion

Advanced Courses

Pricing TBD

Attendance Policy

In order to receive the full value from our courses and qualify for the Completion Refund, students must abide by the following attendance policy:

  • Do not fall more than 2 weeks behind the rest of the class. 
  • Provide notice 24-hour notice if you need to miss a classroom session
  • Do not miss more than 2 classroom sessions