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The BOT Tech Skills Cohort program is an accelerated applied training program that allows participants to gain introductory to advanced level skills and certification within a particular area in technology. These technology areas were identified and vetted through our extensive research conducted with local tech companies and recruiters to see what tech skills were being highly sought after. The program’s mission is to empower participants with emerging tech skills and certifications which will result in increased employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and therefore socio-economically benefit the local underrepresented and minority communities. Cohort sessions are facilitated through introductory-level knowledge, topics, exercises, activities, and projects which lead to more advanced level sets of training activities to create a stronger pipeline to certification and job placement within tech.

* All cohorts are held virtually.

Our 2022 Tech Cohorts will begin May 2022. Follow our social media accounts for updates!

Interested in becoming a BOT Tech Cohort Instructor?  Feel free to fill out our Instructor interest form and a BOT rep will connect with you soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the BOT Tech Cohort Program begin?

Cycle 1 will begin in May of 2022.

What is the cost for the BOT Tech Cohort Program?

The registration fee for each tech cohort is $200 and is non–refundable.

I’ve registered for a tech cohort, but I am now unable to attend. How can I go about getting a refund?

Registration fees are non–refundable.

What can I expect as a Tech Cohort student?

Each Tech Cohort will meet once/week for approximately 1.5 –2 hours. During this meeting, you will receive guided instruction from your cohort lead and may be assigned work to be completed and/or materials to study outside of your weekly meeting timeSessions are recorded for your review or in case you are unable to attend the weekly meeting.

What happens if I can not make a class?

Sessions are recorded for your review or in case you are unable to attend the weekly meeting. However, please make sure to inform your cohort lead in advance to get the assigned class and homework.

What is the format of the Tech Cohort?

We’ve designed our cohorts to be interactive programs that allow you to engage with your fellow classmates and instructors remotely. Our lessons are broken up into mini lectures and bite-sized modules. Our classes are powered by Zoom and Slack which reflect the tools used in the modern workforce today.

What can I expect after successfully completing the Tech Cohort?

After completing the course, our graduates will receive a certificate of completion and the support they need to pursue the career of their dreams. Lastly, they will become part of a community whose members are invested in transitioning into flourishing careers in Tech.

Do cohort trainings include certification prep?

The following cohorts include certification prep: Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Associate Project Management, Help Desk Tech, AWS, Tableau and Microsoft Azure. NOTE: Some of the cohorts listed above will begin later in the summer of 2022.

Can I enroll in more than one cohort at a time?

Yes, you may enroll in more than one tech cohort. Please review the schedule to ensure the tech court meeting times do not conflict.

How do I contact my Cohort lead?

Once you sign up for the cohort you will be given your cohort lead’s email address and access to the Black Orlando Tech (BOT) slack to connect with your instructors and classmates

Who else could I contact at BOT if I cannot reach my Cohort lead?

If you can not reach your cohort lead you can contact our Community & Operations Director Katleen Francois at [email protected].

How should I determine which Cohort program to take?

Please do prior research before signing up for the Tech Cohort of your choice. Make sure it is something that you have interest or experience in.

What technical requirements do I need to succeed in a Tech Cohort?

Requirements vary by cohort. But in general, you will need to have your own computer and access to high-speed internet. Lastly we highly recommend a dedicated, quiet workspace where you feel comfortable focusing.

I am looking to change jobs after graduating from a tech cohort. What help do you provide?

Black Orlando Tech ( BOT) cannot guarantee a job to any student. However, as a member of Black Orlando Tech’s community, you can leverage connections with students, alumni, instructors, and experts through networking opportunities, alumni events, and more.

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