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BOT’s Emerging Tech Talks are our open monthly discussion series on emerging technology and skills in Orlando and around the world that also highlights local entrepreneurs, startups, and leaders with the goal of increasing opportunities and partnerships that will benefit the local minority community. These discussions are open to all who are interested in joining in and gaining insight.

*Currently held virtually via livestream on Facebook and YouTube. 


Building BOTs

Tech Skills Cohort

The BOT Tech Cohort Project is an accelerated applied training program that allows participants to gain introductory to advanced level skills and certification within a particular area in technology. These technology areas were identified and vetted through our extensive research conducted with local tech companies and recruiters to see what tech skills were being highly sought after. The program’s mission is to empower participants with emerging tech skills and certifications which will result in increased employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and therefore socio-economically benefit the local underrepresented and minority communities. Cohort sessions are facilitated through introductory-level knowledge, topics, exercises, activities, and projects which lead to more advanced level sets of training activities to create a stronger pipeline to certification and job placement within tech.

current tech skill areas

      • Cyber Security
      • Backend Development
      • Cloud using AWS
      • Digital Marketing
      • IT Project Management
      • Web Development
      • Frontend Development
      • Data Analytics
      • Salesforce

*Currently held virtually 

Building BOTs

Tech Startup Series


The BOT Tech Startup Series is an entrepreneurial development program for participants to gain the business skills needed to launch a successful tech startup company resulting in increased opportunities that will socio-economically benefit the local underrepresented and minority community. Workshops, webinars, and co-working days are facilitated through partnerships with local organizations, leaders, industry experts, and professionals who can provide expertise and resources.

The series will comprise of live trainings, workshops, collaborations, modules, resources, and one-on-one coaching over a period of 5 to 6 months.

*Currently held virtually.